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Friday, January 06, 2006


I recently read an article about the infamous Brain Drain situation in New African Magazine (which should increase its circulation-- its practically a jewel) With cleverly devised schemes such as the Green Card Lottery and Britains Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, its a wonder if Africa will ever emerge to be the economic giant she really should be. These programmes are specifically designed to lure the most educated and talented African citizens into the West. The recent trend of recruiting locally trained Nurses, Doctors and medical staff is causing such a haemorrhage on us that the effects will almost be impossible to recover from.
My question to you is what can be done? What can we as young people do and what can our governments do for us? I have a sense that they are almost apathetic to the situation. But all hope is not lost. I live, eat, breath and get high on hope!!!!

Data as cited by the U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Cens

African Expatriates in the US
** Have the highest levels of education of any foreign-born residents
** Are 48% more likely than Asian immigrants to be university grads
** Hold Ph.D. degrees at double the rate of European immigrants
** Are better educated than US natives
** Hold managerial and professional positions that parallel the levels of European and Asian born residents.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is Mugabe Wrong for it...

Over the last year, Robert Mugabe has put Zimbabwe in the spotlight with his recent land "reforms" meant to take back what rightfully belonged to Zimbabweans. Some say he has the wrong approach but is his intent wrong. Zim is a young country. Only gaining independence in April of 1980. So its not that long ago.... But to think that before 1980 ....

* No African was allowed to keep more than a herd of six cattle and government official could seize the excess.

*No African was allowed to sell his maize produce directly to the state owned Grains Marketing Board. That was reserved for white farmers. The African sold his produce only to the Farmers Co-operatives run by white farmers who then sold on the maize at huge profits to the GMB.

*No African was allowed in a supermarket. There was a hole in the wall where all African shoppers were made to queue for hours and from where they shouted at the African shop assistants inside the supermarket what they wanted to buy.

*No African was allowed in First street in the heart of the capital, Salisbury(now Harare) where all the big banks, owned white companies, were situated. In this way Africans were denied capital to start their own businesses. The place for the African was on white owned farms and homes where they toiled for hours as laborers and domestic for very little pay. Pavements were reserved for white people and no African was allowed to walk on them even when there were no whites around. Africans walked on the road which they shared with cars owned by white people. If an African saw a white person on the pavement, he stood aside, at attention until the white person walked past.

*No African was allowed to vote. That was reserved for whites. It took a bitter war of liberation in which African blood was shed in copious quantities to get the current one person one vote system in the country.

All this makes the current hoohah in Europe and elsewhere over democracy and human rights in Zim a rather hypocritical and insincere affair. What do you think about his moves?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jambo Magazine

Freedom of expression I wonder if their facts are verifiable. Anyway it makes for an entertaining read. I resist the urge to add it to my favorites. But we all like a little dirt on our local celebs!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where does the Kenyan government get off giving $100,000 to the US for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our own people are starving to death in North Eastern province. Look at Niger where at least 40 people especially kids are starving to death everyday.An estimated 1,500 children died in one of the provinces in August alone. I haven't seen no hundred thousand being hurtled over. $100,000 translated into local currency can feed the whole region for years if they do the math right. But our own president who is an alleged economist is siphoning funds that would greatly multiply if applied elsewhere. Its simply appalling. Its brown nosing at its best if you ask me. Its unfortunate that a poor third world nation would rather channel its non existant funds burrowing further into the national deficit to a superpower in the name of diplomatic relations. I really emphathize with the victims of Katrina. It is sad and unfortunate. But I believe the US has the power to rise from within. So before the Baks is rushing off to sign another $100,000 check, another 2,000 children will have starved to death all over Africa. The sad thing about it is that our "disaster" is totally 100% preventable. It's time I stopped being an arm chair quaterback!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Streaming into Capital FM for the breakfast show the other day made me laugh. Actually I was shaking my head in dismay. The accent that a one Cess Mutungi has is so fake its unbelievable her supervisors still let her on air. And apparently its the case with all radio show hosts. If it were the real deal, there would be no very frequent hints of a heavy Kiuk accent. I cant help but laugh. This radio show hosts need a lesson or two in real kenyan elocution. Only in Nairobi will you find a child who speaks fluent English (with a British accent despite the fact s/he has never been there) Fluent French and conversational Japanese. But a word of their mothertounge or swa..... they will give you a blank stare. Funny n sad!!!

That aside, how is the constitution going to be edited by one man- Amos Wako. Is he the one who runs the show. Yes they claim that it was drafted by a committee but the final document has been produced by the AG's office which makes me wonder?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Who are you living for?

Is anyone looking for someone who loves you and will never diss you no matter how much you act a fool, mess up, ignore them or want to simply give up? Then God is the answer. I always claimed to have a relationship with God but looking back, it was more vocal than in actual practice. Until some time last year. Then I found the Lord when I was down and under and things looked so gloomy. I called and he answered. When the Lord answers, you will know. There is this awesome, supernatural sense of peace and joy that you feel. Your world could be falling apart, but you are so calm, happy and hopeful, it is almost infectious.

Back then I would always switch off when my "saved" friends would start going on and on about how amazing God is. But its coz I didnt know Him and thats why I was so non chalant about the whole topic. Like if I had never drank say... Sierra Mist... and there is a bunch of people going on about how good it is but in my mind I'm like "its probably played out, overrated and just like any other soda out there". Then one day I am really thirsty and almost passing out, then I kunywa a Sierra Mist and its so refreshing, I dont understand why one, I never tried it before and two why the rest of the world is not drinking it.

So I stand up and say that I experienced the most amazing feeling when I let God in my life. It was as simple as asking him to come into my heart. I was in tears. And since then, life for me is like day and night. I don't know how I was getting through life without him. He is my purpose, my begininng and end. I know life will let me down, there will be heartbreaks, disappointments, losses and deaths. But there is one thing that will always be constant. His love for me, and undying promise to be there till the end.

I never want to sound preachy, but it would be wrong of me not to share this with people. He has made such a better person. I am way kinder for one and just more pleasant and positive. And as a result, doors in my life are opening and I am realizing there is no limit to the things I will do and experience. All I have to do is ask him.

But walking the Christian walk is not easy. A lot of my friends always accuse me of becoming a goody too shoes and cant understand why I don't "hang like I used to". They are still my dearest of friends but sometimes, they fail to understand that we dont have to get down and dirrrrty to have a good time. We can hang, but we dont have to drink the whole bar (ehhm, not that we used to...) But its sometimes hard to stay on the path of righteousness especially as a young person. I don't want to loose all my old friends but there are some things we are not agreeing on. Our generation does so many things that the Bible preaches against and it has reached a point where the wrong things start looking right. Like saying its ok to drink and get drunk as long as you are not blacking out. And you are not doing it every day. There is nothing wrong with drinking, but drunkedness is a sin. Another thing is sexual immorality. Our generation has made pre marital sex okay as long as you are being safe and are in a monogomous relationship. Well, sex before marriage is wrong, plain and simple. Thinking its okay to lie as long as no one finds out. Believing that there is nothing wrong with gossip as long as the info doesn't get outside the "circle". I could go on and on but my point is we need to realize many things that look okay are actually wrong. I still struggle with many things and wanting to do what is right. Its practically impossible to meet a guy who doesn't want to have premarital sex. What is a girl to do..... I digress.

But the answer is in HIM. Do right and he will bless you abundantly. Trust him and when you pray, BELIEVE that he will answer your prayers. When you pray, don't limit God. The sky really is the limit. He will take you places and open doors that you never even imagined you could get through. Give unto others, and you will recieve more than you ever imagined.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I know that job searching is frustrating but this is beyond!!! I feel like I need a gallon of whiskey every evening. But I must trudge on. My main dilemma is I dread the idea of sitting behind a desk, 9-5, working for some big name conglomerate that mass produces errthing from diapers to cars to tv's (in China). But for some reason those are the positions that are a dime a dozen. But my quest will go on for my "dream job". I'm beginning to believe there is no such thing. But going for what I love sans the paycheck does seem worth it at the end of the day. At least for my sanity.